What We Do

DEA was founded in 2017 to recognize seasoned permit facilitator/professionals in various sectors of construction. As a professional association, DEA acknowledged for raising the bar and setting the standards in the expediting industry.

We are a collection of professionals working towards a common goal of promoting and improving construction permitting and business licenses practices through continued communication with the District regulatory agencies.

As well as representing area Developers, Local Government Agencies and Homeowners in navigating the governmental permitting and licensure process, the members are licensed and bonded and backed by an abundance of industry knowledge that span from inspections to technical review in all realms of construction inspections, research, engineering, architectural.

DEA: Who We Are

First, what is an expeditor? A person who processes permits/licenses within the District Regulatory agencies. A person having working knowledge, experience and understanding of the District Regulations as well as the process.

Many names the industry identifies a permit expeditor is called a Facilitator, Agent, Permit Manager, Project Manager, Runner, Permit Management Consultant, Construction Document Consultants, Administrator and the list goes on…

The member’s background varies from Architectural/Engineer, tradesman to support staff. working in the construction arena

Together we have a combined experience of 100 plus years in all areas of construction from zoning to structural to inspections.

Why Join Us

The purpose of DEA is to provide support and benefits to help our members build and maintain successful practices.  As a DEA member, you will be equipped with unparalleled access to professionals who are committed to staying up-to-date with professional resources and best practices in permitting industry.



At monthly informal and formal gatherings meetings, there will be opportunities to share ideas, exchange business practices, and to discuss regulatory issues.



Through your membership with DEA, you will be aware of the latest government regulations, and laws that affect your business every day.  DEA’s lobbying efforts give you a voice in the future.



Becoming a member of DEA, you will enhance your image as a quality expeditor with excellent business ethics and a reputation for fairness in dealing with your competition and clients.



With a membership, you will receive free notary service, 401k Setup, and Business Service discounts: Long distance and phone services, fuel programs, legal services, rental services and many more.


We strive to set excellent standards in the fast-paced, demanding industry while offering continued education to keep you abreast of the ever-changing regulations. If you are interested in joining a professional organization thriving to become the fastest growing and recognized professionals in the District, contact us today!


Highly Qualified Members

Kim Mitchell-2

Kim Mitchell


Kaymurrelle Preddie

Kaymurrelle Preddie

John Gisseupi

John Gisseupi

Sola Payne

Sola Payne

Leon Paul

Leon Paul

RoShaun Dennis

RoShaun Dennis

Rose Knox

Rose Knox

Carlos Iglesia

Carlos Iglesia

Phyllis Stevens Inspector Stevens

Phyllis Stevens

Ousmane Ba

Ousmane Ba

Jan Marut

Jan Marut

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We are looking forward to like-minded professionals!

If you do business in the District of Columbia, then consider joining an association looking to build an active membership and offering a simple sign-up an renewal process filled with excellent benefits.


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